With respect to the difficulty of being an actor, in the world’s most competitive location, L.A. DEMO reels  helps the emerging actor build his/her profile-demo reel and provides the working actor with an opportunity to experiment with their own choice of scenes while challenging themselves to the maximum of their abilities.

Are You New To The Business?

Build your promotional package! A suggested three-scene demo reel is enough to help you “get your foot in the door”. Agents, managers, producers, directors, all expect to see something impressive that would allow them to choose you over someone else.

Are You Not Satisfied With The Material You Already Have?

Plenty of times, student films and low budget projects lack the artistic integrity one might have anticipated; Visually unsatisfying and not properly show casting the actor’s best skills. Have one or more scenes written for you, specifically tailored to your needs and strongest talents.

Are You a Working Actor Who Wants to Push Him/Herself to The Limits?

Even a good part on a TV show or film, might not showcase the best of your abilities. We will create a challenging character for you, as a platform to experiment with and  push yourself to the limit.

Be a Part of a Short Film

By collaborating with our affiliated company Homeric Pictures we are proud to offer the innovative service of a custom made short film. Several festival submissions and awards prove our level of skill. IMDB credit, strong material for your reel and exposure to festivals and/or social media are some of the benefits this unique service includes. We will take care of the whole production while you are focusing on giving life to your vision. Screenplay development, Pre production, Filming and Post Production will be part of the package allowing you to focus on the creative aspect.