I moved to LA from Texas, and one of my primary goals was to get material to cut into a professional looking and sounding reel. I contacted the folks at L.A. Demo Reels, and they worked diligently with me to come up with scenes that were exactly what I needed. I felt like I had enough control over the process to get exactly what I wanted while also feeling confident that what I did not know about filmmaking was in great hands. The cost to shoot the scenes was more than fair, and the end product looks and sounds fantastic. The creative team of L.A. Demo Reels knows exactly how to make their actors shine so that the material pops.
Andrew Rogers
I recently got my Reel through L.A. Demo Reels and shortly afterward I got my first Agent AND even my first Manager!!!! So I guess I don’t even have to say anymore what a great work they did!!! It also was fun working with them, everyone was super supportive and helpful. At the beginning we all got together, I explained what I want and they did everything possible to make sure it will be awesome!!! I really enjoyed working with them, it was a great environment and I really felt how much effort everyone put into my reel. I am so happy I chose L.A. Demo reels and I really recommend it! So many People in the Business (Casting directors, Agents, … told me how great that reel is). L.A. Demo reels is Awesome!!
Valentina Zell
I’m from South Florida and I flew to Los Angeles to work with LA Demo Reels after seeing another demo reel done by them. Everything went smoothly from first contact to final take. They asked me what I wanted and worked with me for the final results, even with the writing portion (my opinion mattered). On the shoot days they were on time, professional, and friendly. I highly recommend them. If you don’t believe me then just check out my reel on this site. You will be in good hands, PROMISE!!
Wil Jacskon
After working together on “Angel Without Wings” I got my SAG eligibility and IMDB credit. Their approach on directing actors was sensitive and with an understanding of our method. From that point forward, anytime I need anything put on tape/shot I contact LADemoReels. They are equally honest and hard working! I appreciate their attention to detail and their no bullshit attitude.
Christina Sadeh
Making an excellent first impression is so important in this business. LA Demo Reels are top-notch, professional and wonderful collaborators. I was very pleased with my reel, which they edited, show casting me at my best. In addition to my reel, I also performed in a few shorts with them that they wrote, directed and produced. The shoots were well done and run very professionally. Yet we had a lot of fun, which helped me be my most creative.
Barbara Rossmeisl
Many thanks to everyone at L.A Demo Reels for making my shoot an easy and enjoyable one. Totally professional, always friendly and highly efficient, your talented management and crew enabled me to create a great new reel that I’m proud and excited to show anyone. Thanks again.
Michael Chomiak
Its a pleasure to work with the team of L.A. Demo Reels. From beginning to end the experience is gracious and professional and you leave with great material.
Yashia McGuire
L.A. Demo Reels put me on the map of the Film Industry in Hollywood. Solid Work created from talented professionals that have a lot to offer in the world of Entertainment!
Christos Vasilopoulos
I’ve worked with L.A. Demo Reels a couple of times and they consistently provide a professional and fun environment, a trained production team and a final product that I’m always proud of!
Nicole Monet