Working with LA Demo reels was an exceptional experience. Their concentration to detail and to think outside the box helped my dance reel achieve it’s highest potential. Not to mention their rates are ideal for those looking for an affordable deal. My product came back to me quickly and in time to send to producers. Their professionalism is refreshing in a city full of scams and over expensive bargains,and great communication skills to match! They are the whole package. I highly recommend L.A. Demo Reels.
Tory Devon Smith (BET's Zoe Ever After and Netflix's The Get Down)
A strong reel was the key investment to successfully launch my career. Shooting my first reel with L.A. Demo Reels during their NYC trip was an excellent experience and the final result over met my expectations.
The team made me feel confident and comfortable with their friendly and at the same time professional approach. I was mostly impressed with their attention to detail for the demanding editing my choreography needed.
I highly recommend L.A. Demo Reels and can’t wait to shoot more choreography projects with them in the future.
Athina Klironomou
If you want a reel that you can honestly be proud of i highly recommend working with L.A. Demo Reels. They create an atmosphere that makes you feel that your finished project will meet your expectations. The team at L.A. Demo Reels are wonderful collaborators, editors, very friendly and professional. I’m a fitness instructor for ZUMBA® and when the staff saw my reel, they loved it and gave me the permission to use it to promote the brand. I’ve received SO many wonderful compliments from my peers and clients in the fitness industry. I’m looking forward to working with L.A. Demo Reels again and again!
Ronnie Davidson